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    Looking for a trusted car battery supplier? A wide range of car battery brands is now available at Kim Gan Enterprise.
    We distribute high quality battery products to automotive, marine, heavy equipment and generator users.


    Power to go beyond

    Delkor battery is made with unrivalled technology by Johnson Control.

    Johnson Controls Delkor Battery Corporation supply maintenance-free (MF) batteries to global automotive companies, including Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

    For 13 consecutive years since 2006, Delkor Batteries has maintained the No. 1 spot in the Korea Quality Excellence Award (KS-QEI). Inaugurated in 2006, this prestigious national award is a comprehensive index developed by the Korean Standards Association and Korean Society for Quality Management, measuring product quality reflected by customer satisfaction level.

    Delkor batteries are built with PowerFrame Grids, providing superior performance. This patented process results in a strong frame that helps batteries resist corrosion, and provides strength even under extreme conditions.  

    • Up to 66% more durable and more corrosion-resistant than regular grid design
    • Up to 70% better electrical flow

    If quality is your priority, Delkor is your choice!

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    “Growing Together with Our Customers” “Lighting Up the Future for Our Customers”
    Established since 1944, ATLASBX Company is an expert in making storage batteries.

    Atlas Battery

    AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Battery

    Designed for frequent start stop events at traffic light, with a focus on enhanced durability and charge acceptance to withstand the severe driving environments of start stop vehicles. ATLAS BX START STOP Plus with AGM Technology enhances the durability and battery life to perfectly optimize for start stop functions and brake energy recuperation.

    The AGM separator delivers the ultimate cranking power via low internal resistance.
    It increases durability and thus provides higher battery cell compression to ensure reliable performance.
    AGM protects against stratification for extended battery life. The Micro-porous glass separators prevents acid spills and leaks. It utliises Gas recombination Technology to provide a long service life via water retention
    (oxygen and hydrogen combine to produce water).

    AGM Battery

    EFB (Enhanced Flooded) Battery

    EFB technology allows for higher performance and reliability compared to conventional flooded batteries and can support entry-level start-stop functionality. For standard vehicles, EFB technology provides enhanced starting power for reliable performance throughout the day and can power the ever-increasing electrical demands of many vehicles. EFB technology provides double the cyclic stability of standard lead acid batteries, which allows for a longer life span of recovering from deep discharges.

    Carbon+ Technology (higher charge acceptance)
    X-Frame+ Full Frame Technology (low resistance loss, grid-growth protection)
    Non-woven tissue (active material adhesion)

    EFB Battery

    SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) Battery

    ATLASBX’s Sealed Maintenance Free Technology feature the latest in lead calcium grids (Lead Calcium Technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, shelf life, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries.

    A sealed battery that is 100% maintenance free. It has an excellent electrical performance (Min. self discharge) and reliable starting power. The battery has a Magic eye indicator that allows for easy checking of charging state

    SMF Battery


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    Motolite Batteries (Exclusive Agent)  Specification

    Country of origin is Philippines. Maintenance free battery and low maintenance automotive batteries. It is trusted and dependable with long service life even in extreme road and weather conditions. It employs Tropicalised technology for hot weather conditions in tropical countries. It is designed using state of the art technology (EGX Technology) and is manufactured under TUV/TS 16949 certified.

    Motolite Battery


    GS Batteries (Exclusive Agent)

    GS Batteries (Exclusive Agent), No. 1 brand in Japan for 100 years, designed to provide long life in a wide range of applications, offering best in class performance and an outstanding value.

    GS Battery is one of the biggest lead acid battery manufacturers in the world. It is manufactured in the Asia region. Lead-acid battery is always taken as a precious challenge to provide the best products and services. GS Premium, a conventionally reliable battery for our customers, and GS Hybrid, a low maintenance battery, are two of our qualified products offered to comply with the needs of the customers.
    GS Maintenance Free, a battery that is especially designed for free maintenance where customers can just “install and forget” it. Our Design Technology has made this product requires minimum care (simple maintenance).



    We are a supplier of Asahi battery in Singapore. Asahi Lead Acid Batteries are designed for heavy duty usage. Recognised as a value-for-money and top-quality product, Asahi batterys are especially well-accepted by the marine industry.

    Though Japan is its country of origin, Asahi battery is now made in Indonesia. It employs Calcium technology giving the benefit of lower battery water loss and battery last longer when not in use. Japan Standard. Lead acid batteries – heavy duty, high performance. 12 Voltage batteries.

    asahi battery in Singapore



    Challenger CONVENTIONAL LEAD-ACID battery is made from antimony lead alloy that are able to withstand high temperature and heavy charge / discharge characteristic.

    This type of battery can be supplied in dry charged condition, giving longer storage time provided it is properly sealed. To wet down this battery, it must be filled with the manufacturer’s recommended concentration electrolyte (sg level) and boost charge the battery for maximum performance, this procedure can be handled easily with the proper equipment.

    These batteries are made for heavy duty usage with our special designed plates, it has been used in most automotive vehicles across the world.

    Challenger Conventional Lead-Acid Battery


    Trojan battery

    Country of Origin is USA. Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries. Its technology includes Smart Carbon™ which provides improved performance when the batteries operate in PSOC (partial stage of charge) application, enhancing overall battery life in applications where the batteries are under charged on a regular basis. Maximum operation performance, reduced downtime, longer battery life, increased total energy output, consistent quality, and enhanced durability.


    LP Series (VRLA Batteries)

    Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free
    PbCaSn alloy for plate grids: less gassing, less self-discharging
    High quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit
    ABS material: increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional);
    High purity raw material: ensure low self discharge rate
    Silver-coated copper terminals (T1, T2 terminal), brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity.



    The Intelligent Source of Power

    Maintenance-Free Automotive Batteries, completely sealed maintenance-free Lead-acid battery.
    Environment Secured, Long-lifespan.
    Suitable for Volvo and Scania Trucks.
    Gales Spec

    Gales Battery


    Battery Water

    It is suitable for all lead acid batteries like cars, motorcycles, vans, lorries, tractors, forklifts and etc. Available in 1.1L/btl and also 18L/pail packaging.