Primo Products

    At Kim Gan Enterprise, we supply a comprehensive range of industrial chemical products to automotive workshops, marine, heavy equipment and generator users with the following:

    Hunting cold stream radiator coolant

    UK ORIGIN. Hunting’s cold stream radiator coolant is based on a blend of ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant and anti-foamants. The high performance engine coolant exceeds the requirements of British Standard Specification BS6580-1992, AFNOR NFR 15-601, ASTM D-3306 & ASTM D-4895.
    Suitable for all types of engines including aluminium based petrol and diesel.
    -Raises water boiling point, prevent overheating.
    -Compatible with rubbler hoses and gaskets
    -Non-phosphate and silicate formulation reduces damage caused by hard water deposits
    -Borate/ Phosphate/Silicate / Nitrite/Nitrate/ Amine-free formulation helps safeguards the environment
    -Does not vapourise or foam
    -Well balanced stable inhibitor package-resists rust and corrosion attack (All year round corrosion and oxidation protection)
    -Non Flammable

    Hunting cold stream radiator coolant


    hunting Braking Fluid dot 3 & 4

    Orginated from England. Hunting’s Brake Fluid is a synthetic, polyglycol based material which had been specifically formulated for use in the hydraulically actuated brake and clutch system fitted in all cars where the use of DOT4 and DOT3 fluid is specified. MAJOR SPECIFICATIONS exceeds current SAE J1703 and US FMVss116 DOT3 and DOT4 and ISO 4295 specifications. The fluid is designed to protect and lubricate the vital rubber seals which retain the fluid in the system and prevent the ingress water air and road debris.


    Genuine WD 40

    Made in USA. Fully compliance with Global RoHS directive on hazardous substances. It is in compliance with the global Harmonized system (GHS). 100% Petroleum compound-No silicone. No fluorine and no chlorinate solvent. CO2 propellant provides greater safety and less flammability.

    WD-40 400 ml-l


    Primo Powermaxi

    The Most Advanced State-of-the-Art Nano Ionic Bond Technology (NIB)

    Concentrated Additive for Metal Treatment
    NIB active molecules form ionic covalent bonds with metal that results in a super slippery surface which “stays in place” on the metal surface, minimizing friction by up to 70% and also protects the metal against friction, micro pitting corrosion & wear, with the following benefits:
    – Minimizes wear drastically during engine Start-Up and while engine is working
    – Increases engine performance (HP) up to 9%* (*Independent Lab Test Result)
    – Reduces engine noise
    – Prolongs engine & oil life 2-3 times
    – Decreases fuel consumption 7-10%* (*Independent Lab Test Result)
    – Reduces operating temperatures = Reduced oxidation = Cleaner engine
    POWERMAXI does not contain PTFE, Silicone, Teflon, other corrosive chemicals & also solids lubricants such as Moly (MoS2), Boron Nitrite,Tungsten or Graphite. It also does not clog oil filters as it is a pure lubricant.

    Primo Power Maxi




    GASOLINE and DIESEL FUEL additive


    • Increases power (Hp).

    • Reduces fuel consumption by 15-20%. More concentrated fuel burned. Increases complete combustion.

    • Increases octane number, all at once reduces high octane need.

    • Reduces dangerous hydrocarbon emission up to 60%

    • SUPER CLEANER FORMULA for system

    • Reduces black smoke in diesel engine.

    • Prolongs engine & fuel system service life.

    • Safe for engine system *

    * Does not contain MMT (Methyl Cyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl) metal octane booster that contributes to emission issues and dangerous for new cars equipped with OBD-II, Oxygen Sensor and Catalytic Converter. O2S and CAT will be rapidly damaged.

    Primo Nitro Race



    Primo Super Engine Flush

    Oil System Treatment
    Dissolves & disperses harmful sludges and deposits formed in the crankcase, cylinder walls, valves, valve lifters, rocker arms, pistons & rings of an internal combustion engine. Contains corrosion inhibitor making it non-corrosive & safe for all types of metal. When used as directed, it cleans & restores operating efficiency that improves the properties of new oil to lubricate, thereby increasing the horsepower, fuel economy & performance of the engine.

    Primo Super Engine Flush


    Primo Carburador



    Primo car shampoo (gold class)

    Wash and Glow

    -Non abrasive pH balance formula
    -Rich foaming
    – Concentrated formula
    -Enhance the brilliance and gloss of your paint finish.

    Primo Car Shampoo


    Primo engine and part cleaner and degreaser

    Excellent environment friendly solvent based cleaner and degreaser that specially formulated to quickly dissolve and remove dirt, flux, oil, grease and other contaminants from engine, part and all types of equipment.
    Compatible with iron, steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper, concrete. Intended for various uses when flammability is not a concern.
    -Quickly Dissolves Grease, Oil, glue & Dirt.
    -High Solvent Cleaning Power
    -Fast Evaporation
    -Does not contain Chlorine CFC Free – Ozone Friendly

    Primo Engine and Part

    Silicone Oil

    Silicone Oil


    AdBlue® is a diesel exhaust fluid used in modern trucks that have a selective catalytic reduction system. Using AdBlue® in line with manufacturers’ requirements and a catalytic converter reduces the level of oxides of nitrogen emitted from engines.
    Not only is Kim Gan AdBlue® fully VDA approved, it also meets stringent ISO 22241-1, 2, 3 and 4 standards, DIN70070 and CEFIC standards ensuring maximum performance and reliability of your SCR system.
    It is used on major European truck manufacturers like Mercedes, Volvo, DAF, Scania as well as Japanese truck manufacturer UD with SCR technology engines. Available in 10l, 20l and 1000l.


    *click HERE to download adblue brochure:

    Kalton Air Con Refrigerant

    KALTON Refrigerant meets all safety and quality specifications defined by ASHRAE safety classification.
    -provides the best cooling capacity and efficiency through the particular temperature range. It provides the user with safe and efficient refrigerating fluids.
    It is a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant. R-134a is an efficient refrigerant in various air conditioning and medium-temperature refrigeration applications.