Filter Supplier in Singapore

    Looking for a trusted filter supplier in Singapore?
    Kim Gan Enterprise offers a wide range of filter brands for automotive, marine, heavy equipment and generator users:

    OSK Filters (Speciality brand)

    Kim Gan Enterprise is the exclusive agent for the OSK brand. Made in Malaysia, the OSK brand is designed for economical fuel consumption offering more acceleration power and extended engine life.

    The Osaka filters are designed and manufactured to JIS, SAE and DIN specifications to meet the demand of efficiency, life expectancy, vibration and impulses demanded by modern day vehicles and industrial equipment. We provide Osaka Automotive Filters and their range of filters that are catered for oil, air, fuel, hydraulic and steering. For example, the key oil filter product features:

    a. High strength filter canister with anti-rust coating
    b. Coiled steel spring with rubber bush
    c. High quality imported filter media
    d. Spiral steel center tube
    e. Safety by-pass valve
    f. Silicone anti-drain back valve
    g. Strong full metal base plate with well designed thread for perfect fitting

    Osaka Filter in Singapore                   Osaka Filter in Singapore


    Parker Racor Filters (Authorised Singapore Distributor)

    We are a distributor of RACOR filter in Singapore. Racor is a USA Original Equipment Manufacturer. Leading edge technology and continuous innovation are designed into every system. The genuine AQUABLOC II filter elements have set the global standard. In every configuration, at every flow rate and in any operating environment, RACOR is the most trusted name in engine protection. It provides cost-saving solutions for the full breadth. All Parker Filter operating units are ISO-9001:2000 certified and many are also ISO 14000 certified.

    racor filter in SingaporeRacor Filter (2)


    Donaldson Filters

    Country of Origin is USA. Donaldson is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. Donaldson serves customers in the industrial and diesel engine markets including in-plant air cleaning, compressed air and gas purification, power generation, disk drive filtration, off-road equipment and trucks.

    Donaldson Filters

    Fleetguard Filters

    Made in USA. Fleetguard is the leading manufacturer of heavy duty Air, Fuel, Lube and Hydraulic filters, Air Intake Systems, Coolants and Chemical Products for On and Off highway applications.

    Fleetguard Filters, stockist is available for comprehensive range of products



    Sakura Filter

    It is made in Indonesia, complying with ISO/TS Standards. SAKURA has one of the largest range of Heavy Duty and Commercial Products. The Sakura Filters are designed and manufactured in accordance to SAE, JIS, and DIN standards to meet the efficiency, life expectancy, vibration, impulse and other criteria for best quality assurance.


    Mann filter

    It is OEM to many European vehicles. Quality is found inside Mann filter with anti-drain valve, bypass valves, leak-proof tested with optimum pleat geometry of quality filter element.

    It is OEM to many European vehicles designed for modern high performance injection fuel systems that demand high quality and purity of fuel. It has also a comprehensive fuel filtration range for virtually any application – for spark-ignition as well as diesel engines. It can provide high separation efficiency over the entire life time. It protects the injection system and the engine effectively from corrosion, cavitation, formation of micro-organism and damage caused by particles.




  • WS Filter

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