Kim Gan Enterprise distributes top quality Grease products supplying to multi industries with its wide range of application:

    OZONE MP 200

    OZONE MP 200, a multipurpose chassis grease designed for lubricating automotive chassis, tractors, agricultural and construction equipments & cars. Also used in industrial and general manufacturer bearings.

    Primo Ozone MP200

    Primo- Multium L2 Grease

    Primo- Multium L2 Grease, multipurpose grease to prevent rusts and corrosion. Excellent lubricant for industrial equipment and vehicles.


    USG grease

    1. Extra Tacky – important, not easily splash out when machines are moving
    2. EP Properties – contain Extreme-Pressure additive, protect machines under high load and demand working condition.
    3. High lubricity – lubricating well the parts
    4. Smooth texture – High quality, lubricating well and nice physical look
    5. High dropping point – withstand higher temperature
    6. Excellent water resistance – good for outdoor working condition, such as off-road working.


  • Hunting's-Synthetic-Lithium-Grease